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Web Design
20th September 2021
Web Design

The World Wide Web has changed enormously over the last few years. Internet technologies have started to mature and the design and layout of web pages have begun to adopt a more sensible approach. And yet....

  • How often have you given up waiting for a web page to load?
  • How often have you despaired at how complex a site is to use? 
  • How often have you failed to find what you were looking for?

We specialise in high speed, high impact web sites. We optimise every page to ensure they load quickly and are easy to navigate. We avoid time wasting effects that do not add content to the web page.

Many of our customers need to be able to update their sites on a regular basis. We actively encourage this as there is nothing worse than trawling through dozens of web sites only to discover the information you find is three years old! We can write custom software to help our customers update and maintain their web sites with the minimum of fuss. We can even provide training to enable customers to completely take over the maintenance of their web sites.

Web Hosting

We are able to provide a wide range on Web hosting and email services. We can advise on the choice of a domain name, register it for you and host it on one of our Internet Web servers.


The Internet is now a multi billion pound turnover World Wide store and there is very little you can't purchase via the Internet these days. We can help you sell your products and services on-line by:

  • Designing a friendly and easy to navigate on-line store. 
  • Setting up automatic, easy to use online payment systems. 
  • Ensuring sales enquiries and transactions are handled quickly and efficiently. 
  • Writing optimised code to maximise throughput.

You can find a copy of our terms and conditions of site hosting, email and web-maintenance here

Why not get the edge on your competitors? The Internet is the way of the future. Don't be the last on board!

We do all this at a sensible price!

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